Methuselah-like Lifespan Coming?

Methuselah lived to be 969 years old. He is the oldest recorded man ever to have lived. (I am assuming here, that like me, you simply believe the Bible is true.) Now, science is near to restoring us to nearly that long a lifespan, potentially. The Bible says that the normal lifespan of man is 120 years. Today, it is VERY reasonable to have people live to 100 without that much fanfare. I heard a statistic that there are over 60,000 people over 100 alive today, just in the United States. Check out this article:

Old Age Gene Manipulation

So, if you take the “6 times longer” figure mentioned in this article and multiply that out for the Bible’s 120 years of lifespan standard, you have 720 years! If you go with just the “lower end” 100 year range, that would be 600! So, suddenly Methuselah sounds somewhat “more normal!” Whoa! (By the way, I am NOT recommending, or endorsing, gene manipulation! That would be BAD for a natural health guy, huh?)

No… Linux REALLY IS more Secure than Windows!

There has been a lot of talk recently that “it is Linux’s turn” to start getting more attacks and worms now that it is “becoming more accepted.” Well, this article is an excellent refresher on why that is NOT a reasonable speculation!

Linux, Secure As You Want

In that regard, Linux has LONG been the most used Internet server, with more “market share” than Microsoft. No, it isn’t just popularity that drives security vulnerabilities; it is that Windows is weaker by design… or lack thereof!

New Power Source Defies Physics!

A scientist has “discovered” (developed?) a new power source that simply shouldn’t work, according to known physical laws, insofar as current scientific understanding says, anyway. So, is it real? Does it work? You decide!

Renewable Energy That Defies Physical Laws!

As the old saying goes, “The proof of the pudding is in the eating!” It will either work, or be a huge flop… but if it does, it could drastically change the world from an energy perspective!

Protect Yourself From Third Party Cookies!

Cookies are fairly benign insofar as web sites go… IF they are used only by the web site that you have gone to, in order to help the site itself know that you have moved from point “A” to point “B” within the same site. However, if a third party site, say one that has an advertisement, or banner ad, on that web site sets a cookie on your browser, THEN that cookie could be used to track you to other sites that they also advertise on, thus tracking your movements! Evil alert! Evil alert!

How can you prevent this? Set your Firefox Browser to accept ONLY cookies from the current website, NOT from third parties! Go into “Tools”, then select “Options”, then click on “Privacy”, now check the box shown in the image below:

Firefox Privacy Tip

See? The box marked “For the originating site web only.” This option is not turned on by default. You HAVE to set it yourself. There you go! You are now harder to track, and therefore, safer on the web!

And, if you MUST use Microsoft Internet Explorer, then do this: Go to “Tools”, “Internet Options”, “Privacy”, “Advanced”, then check on “Override automatic cookie handling”, and select “Accept” for First-party cookies, and “Block” for Third-party cookies.

SpamPoison: Weird, but Interesting!

OK, so spammers have “bots” that scan web sites for e-mail addresses and add them to their lists that they then sell to other spammers for high fees and them use these lists to send out tons of spam! “What if,” someone said, “What if… we provide the bots a link that will generate tons of useless e-mail addresses (on their OWN spamming domains) that will ‘pollute’ their lists, making them huge, unmanagable, and unusable?” Well, that is the idea behind “SpamPoison”… you set it up as a link on your web site, or blog, and enjoy the fact that spammers will be harvesting bogus addresses and causing them trouble. It does have a certain poetic symmetry doesn’t it?


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