BAD Spyware “Removers” List

Spyware and Ad-Ware is evil! It installs on your system without permission and then slows your PC down! In most cases, it “tracks” your movements on the web and reports those movements to it’s evil masters. Arrrgh! Spyware is EVIL! However, given the user’s frenzy to get RID of Spyware, the bad guys have now taken a new tact. They are creating “Spyware removal programs” that DON’T actually find Spyware, but rather, install it! Talk about EVIL!

List of BAD Spyware “Removers”

So, if you are tempted to use any of the above… don’t! Instead, here are the one’s that the Doctor recommends these excellent, FREE tools:

Spybot Search & Destroy


  • Do you have an opinion of Bazooka Adware and Spyware Scanner? I don’t see it on your good or bad lists.

  • Bazooka seems to get mixed reviews overall… some say that it does find spyware but doesn’t do as good a job of removing it. Most say that it runs VERY fast, however, it is weak on removal tools. I will stick with my original recommendations.

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