Too LOW on Cholesterol?

The cool thing about being a curmudgeon is speaking your mind even when it contradicts “common wisdom.” Doctors today (who are mainly working for the drug companies trying to sell tons of drugs) are constantly harping on “lower your cholesterol, lower your cholesterol!” However, cholesterol is a naturally secreted substance in the body. God designed it to “plug” cracks in the walls of veins and arteries, for instance. If you drop it too low, you can have issues. For instance, check out this article:

Low Cholesterol A Problem?

Have you noticed that at one time 200 was considered a “good to excellent” level… now, it is 170! And, most people can’t get down to 170 without… guess what? Drugs! I wonder why the “good” level was lowered? Hummmmm… yeah. Drug company sales. So what is the “right” level? I would say whatever the level would be if you ate right, got the right amount of exercise, and got plenty of water. Whatever is right for YOUR body!

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