Dr. Bill Podcast #4 is out!

The Dr. is in! And he is grumpy! Find out why this week!

Dr. Bill Podcast – 4 – (10/01/05)
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Broken Shift Lock on my Laptop (Grrrrr!@#$), October 1, 2005 (25 years of ethernet), Microsoft celebrates its 30th anniversary, 25 years of color tv sales?!? (Nah.), 10th anniversary of eBay, Lego 50th anniversary, 100 years of Relativity (Einstein), $100.00 laptop designed at MIT, Giant squid pictures on CNN and all over the web (Nemo would be proud), Firefox is #1 in PCWorld.com’s 100 Best Products of 2005, Serenity – “more engaging than any of Lucas’s recent screen entertainment?”, Does oil regenerate?, Knoppix 4.0.2 DVD Released, New version of Podproducer-But it doesn’t work (Grrrrr!@#$), Write a Mac OSX virus and get $500, Acryllic .. Flash Killer?, VISA and Mastercard told they do not have to send out notices for stolen credit card numbers!

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