Podcasts as a Way of Life?

I recently switched jobs. I was Webmaster for Guilford County, now I am back at the Center for Creative Leadership. While at the County, I got very used to coming in to my office, and doing my web updates while listening to various tech oriented podcasts. I had it down to where I was getting to hear one or two a day, and it allowed me to stay “up” on what is going on in the tech world while working on other things, because it could play in the background and let it be “background noise.”

When I came back to the Center, the first few days, I didn’t have my own PC, or even a “real” place to sit. But, it wasn’t too long before I found a way to do my job while listening to podcasts again. Boy! It was like being away from an old friend not to have my podcasts! Now, I am feeling better, more comfortable, and getting back “up to speed” on the fast breaking tech world! It is interesting how certain things help you feel “at ease” and “at home.” So… as I type this, I have a podcast running in the background. Sigh! Very nice!

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