Geek Software of the Week – NetBootDisk!

OK, so this week’s Geek Software of the Week may be for hard core geeks and techies… but it is cool. If you have to update a lot of different kinds of systems and need network connectivity to do so, here’s a tool for your “tech tool belt!” Imagine a regular floppy that you can insert in nearly any halfway decent PC and boot, have it detect your network card, and allow you to access network shares via a TCP/IP connection (like say, to get to Ghost, if you need to “Ghost” images over a network!) OK, now imagine it is FREE!

NetBootDisk is FREE!

Download and enjoy! And, if you have a tool like Nero, you can even transfer it to a CD-ROM and have a universally bootable CD-ROM with TCP/IP network connectivity. Very handy!

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