Geek Software of the Week – OpenSong

This is very specialized software, but it is slick! You may have noticed that churches today like to show song lyrics and Bible verses up on a projected screen (or screens.) The software to do this is very specialized and can be quite expensive. Often, if you want multiple Bible translations, you have to buy separate, special modules to do it. Why can’t somebody write a FREE Open Source version?! Well, they did!

OpenSong Software

You can download FREE modules for these translations: The Amplified Bible, Contemporary English Version, English Standard Version, King James Version, La Biblia de Las Americas, The Message, New American Standard Bible, New International Version, New King James Version, New Living Translation, Nuevo Version Internacional, Portuguese from IBS, Svenska Levande Bibeln.

It also supports one or two screens, and has a built-in “shorthand” coding system that allows you to define the behavior of the “slide show,” as well as add and change fonts, backgrounds, etc. Very cool! Check it out!

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