Methuselah-like Lifespan Coming?

Methuselah lived to be 969 years old. He is the oldest recorded man ever to have lived. (I am assuming here, that like me, you simply believe the Bible is true.) Now, science is near to restoring us to nearly that long a lifespan, potentially. The Bible says that the normal lifespan of man is 120 years. Today, it is VERY reasonable to have people live to 100 without that much fanfare. I heard a statistic that there are over 60,000 people over 100 alive today, just in the United States. Check out this article:

Old Age Gene Manipulation

So, if you take the “6 times longer” figure mentioned in this article and multiply that out for the Bible’s 120 years of lifespan standard, you have 720 years! If you go with just the “lower end” 100 year range, that would be 600! So, suddenly Methuselah sounds somewhat “more normal!” Whoa! (By the way, I am NOT recommending, or endorsing, gene manipulation! That would be BAD for a natural health guy, huh?)

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