Open Source ISN’T Communism!

Bill Gates and his evil minions would like you to believe that Open Source software like Linux, Firefox, and OpenOffice are all EVIL because they are open and free. Riiiight! And he (and they) wouldn’t have any reason to “paint” Open Source as a “commie-plot” now would they… no, surely not!

Open Source Isn’t Communism

In point of fact, I am a HUGE Open Source supporter, and I am also anti-commie, serious right wing Christian extremist. (Yes, I say “extremist,” because as a Christian, I am EXTREMELY blessed!) So… I could never support anything that was commie in nature. However, if there are folks that love to code and develop software and share it to the world for free… then, dewd, I am there! So, why support Uncle Bill Gates and company when you can use free and Open Source software? Good question!

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