“Mactel” Linux is Up and Running!

Well, you knew it had to happen! Someone has installed a Linux operating system on an Intel based Mac! Again, I have to ask, “Why?” (Other than “bragging rights!”) Mac’s OS is based on OpenBSD… so, I am not sure why anyone would want to run Linux. Of course, don’t get me wrong! I love Linux! So, dewd, go for it!

Mactel Linux is Up and Running

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  • more than bragging rights….to program a lang like C you need to use Xtools and that sucks for little school programs….I dont want to take a class just to learn the IDE!!! OS X terminal doesnt like to run binary stuffs…well thats what it said when I tried to run my C program…it compiled it OK…well I think it did…cant run it…bottom line…linux does all the IDE / terminal stuff right off the bat…OS X doesnt…

    the key term here is “based on” OpenBSD….its not OpenBSD

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