Geek Software of the Week: Kaxy

Wanna be a spy? Wanna sneak around and have no one be able to trace you? Are you freaked out by the NSA? Well, you probably shouldn’t be so concerned, dewd, but if you are, here’s a cool free service that will “anonymize” your surfing, so that no one can trace what you are surfing back to you.

Kaxy Web Proxy

Using the free Kaxy Web Proxy service, you can Google info, and no one can trace back to you. Why would you want this ability? Ahhhh, don’t ask me… but if you do, now you know. Shhhhh! I am sneakin’ around! Be vewry, vewry quiet! I’m huntin’ wabbits!

Addendum: Adam Wenner pointed out in a comment to this post that the EFF has a project called “Tor” that allows for anonymous surfing (and more) as well. Check out that link:

EFF’s Tor System

Thanks, Adam!


  • you may want to also check out tor (the onion router)

  • Very cool! Thanks, Adam!

  • Actually, proxies are not “untraceable” as people think they are. There are ways to piggyback a payload on a packet to respond when it reaches the destination.

    Proxies are just one level of protection, but by no means untraceable. It’s just that most people don’t bother past that first level of protection.

    Also, Tor is good I suppose…. but I wouldn’t use it. The last thing you need is some pedophile joining the Tor network and it gets traced through your system. Uhh.. no thanks. Not to mention you can still sniff out the packets from network, and depending on the size of the network, you can still piece together who’s doing what by sheer volume of data collected.

    Again, it’s only “1” level of protection.

  • Again, good info… thanks, Darkmoon. Also, I in no way want to infer that we are desirous of helping “the bad guys”… however, in the “interesting technology” category, this is a very hot topical subject!

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