Stop Telemarketers!

A cool techo-tip! Are you bothered by telemarketers with “auto-dialers?” Well, beat them at their own game!

How to Stop Telemarketer’s Predictive Dialers!

“Most Telemarketers use what is called Predictive Dialers, which are PCs with software that dials every number in a phone exchange until it gets ‘lucky.’ Now you can use their own technology against them, and it’s legal! Here is how their system works: the dialer calls your number, you answer, and you have probably notice the line appears dead after you said, ‘Hello.’ What their computer is doing is listening for a short burst of audio, your ‘HELLO,’ followed by a period of silence. With this heard, it will log your phone number as valid and transfer the call to an available telemarketer, the reason for the delay before someone comes on line… If you call a number that has been disconnected or is no longer in service you will hear 3 short tones, ‘doo…dah…dee,’ thanks to Ma-Bell. Each time you Refresh this page you should hear, ‘doo…dah…dee.’ The actual frequency of these tones are 985.2 Hz, 1370.6 Hz, and 1776.7 Hz. Guess what the telemarketers’ software does when it detects these 3 tones at the beginning of your outgoing message? It thinks it has reached a line that is disconnected or is no longer in service. So, it disconnects and does not log your phone number as a working number. BINGO!”


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