So… You Think Your Cell Phone Services Stinks NOW?!?

Well, then, wait until you get a new Nokia “Smell-O-Phone.” I call this “Techies-Gone-Wild!” Yeesh!

Non-scents from Nokia

“For six months, 25 Industrial Design MA students from London’s CSM College of Art and Design have been working to create concepts for a premium but mass market mobile device capable of providing 4G or 5G multimedia services. The students worked for a cash prize and, more importantly, for the chance to work side-by-side with Nokia’s design team during a summer placement at the Nokia design studios.The winning design, was also made into a dummy handset for an exhibition in London’s Air Gallery this week. One of the designs, the Nokia Scentsory, is superb, partly because it reminds us of the paper clackers that we used to make many, many years ago in the innocent days of our childhood. In Closed mode you use it like a slim candy bar phone, in open mode you can use the screens and keyboard. But the real piece of resistance is the Scentsory mode that uses scent detectors that ‘allow you to see, hear, feel and smell your caller’s environment.'”

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