How Many People Do You Call? (On Your Cellphone)

A study in Switzerland seems to indicate that most folks only call about four people on their cellphones. Regularly, for me, that sounds about right… maybe even a little high! (I know, I don’t get out much!) I know that I am not a teenager, or even a “twenty-something,” but I just don’t get the “implanted-in-the-ear cellphone” deal! And, surely, if you go to supper with someone, shouldn’t you be talking to them… not someone on a cellphone? But… I guess I curmudgeon! Anyway, the article says that since we have “regular” home phones, and now cell phones, and e-mail… how do we use all these communications tools?

How About an E-mail On That?

“Are people ‘specializing’ their use of different communication channels? For example, do mobile-phone, fixed-line, and e-mail users differentiate their usage of those tools in terms of content, communication partners, and habits? Are new channels affecting how existing channels are used?”

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