Think Virus and Spyware Infections Are Just A Nuisance?

Try a cost to PC users of $7.8 Billion!!! Wow! How much have YOU spent on getting your computer repaired or re-installed you software? If you are a geek, how time did you spend? (Time is money!)

Viruses and Spyware Cost Users $7.8 Billion

“Consumers paid as much $7.8 billion over two years to repair or replace computers that got infected with viruses and spyware, a Consumer Reports survey found. That figure was down from a similar survey a year ago. Still, it suggests that people are paying large sums to cope with the flood of malicious viruses and other programs that can slow computers or render them inoperable. ‘There is a very high national cost to this,’ said Jeff Fox, technology editor of the consumer magazine. ‘People think they’re invincible, even when this kind of money is involved.’ In a nationwide survey, the magazine found that unwanted commercial e-mail, known as spam, is the biggest computer-security problem. But viruses are the most expensive, with people paying $5.2 billion in 2004 and 2005 to repair or replace afflicted machines, the survey found. Infections of spyware, a type of software that can track computer users’ habits or collect sensitive information about them, declined slightly in the past six months, the survey found. But such infections caused almost 1 million U.S. households to replace their computers, the survey found.”

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