The “Late But Still Geeky” Dr. Bill Podcast #55!

Dr. Bill Podcast – 55 – (09/26/06)
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Better late than never! The podcast was delayed because Dr. Bill had a wild and geeky weekend that made it impossible to do the podcast on Saturday! Weird Al Yankovik’s “White and Nerdy” song… and how the allusions in it are familiar to Dr. Bill! A quick scan of the tech news that occurred last week. Laser beams to replace wires? Light emitting T-Shirt! (Watch the Video at the link in the blog!) Two VERY serious Windows security problems – ALERT! Get Linux/UNIX text manipulation on Windows! Our Geek Software of the Week… and optimizer for the Windows Registry! Our winner in the Dr. Bill Contest! Congratulations to Bob Kessler from California! Stay tuned for Saturday’s REGULAR podcast!

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