Star Trek Teleporting? Looks Like it is Getting Closer!

This is cool! What once was science fiction gets closer to reality every day!

Scientists teleport two different objects

“Beaming people in ‘Star Trek’ fashion is still in the realms of science fiction, but physicists in Denmark have teleported information from light to matter bringing quantum communication and computing closer to reality. Until now scientists have teleported similar objects such as light or single atoms over short distances from one spot to another in a split second. But Professor Eugene Polzik and his team at the Niels Bohr Institute at Copenhagen University in Denmark have made a breakthrough by using both light and matter. ‘It is one step further because for the first time it involves teleportation between light and matter, two different objects. One is the carrier of information and the other one is the storage medium,’ Polzik explained in an interview on Wednesday. The experiment involved for the first time a macroscopic atomic object containing thousands of billions of atoms. They also teleported the information a distance of half a meter but believe it can be extended further.”


  • Totally different from Star Trek’s matter teleportation. What happened in Denmark was quantum teleportation. That’s the quantum state that is shifted over distance. The two have no bearing on each other.

  • Darkmoon! Dewd! I wasn’t talking about the mechanism of the teleporter… just the fact of teleporting in general! You are tryin’ to “out Trek” me, aren’t you! (Grin!)

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