Dr. Bill’s “Rock On Out” Version of the Podcast #64!

Dr. Bill Podcast – 64 – (11/25/06)
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Our Post-Thanksgiving Podcast! Wild and Wooly… and here for your listening pleasure. Better audio this week… and a promo for the Techpodcast Network! The Doctor turns 51… we think. Wikis in the Enterprise. Wikipedia not Wackypedia! Yeeesh! Wikis where I work? We’ll see. Corporate command and control! Are wikis anarchy? And so it begins! FUD as peanut butter! Microsoft fear, uncertainty and doubt about Linux! Seattle is near Redmond (what a revelation!) Microsoft is STOOPID! (Surprise!) What has Steve Ballmer been smokin’? The Microsoft Office Switch o’ Death! Get the excellent OpenOffice.org office suite! M$ verifies a legal copy… what if it fails? (As it has been shown to do on occasion.) Infinite Mario Bros.! A Java based web version of Mario for your pleasure! The Doctor is not a gamer. (But you knew that.) The Geek Software of the Week! A user sent us a drumroll! We’ll add the cymbal later… WAMPserver! What LAMP is, and what WAMP is. A letter with a question from a user… what about the Grisoft AVG 4.1 to 4.5 “upgrade?” Here’s how to do it! “Repairing” is “upgrading.” The Doctor’s recommendation for doing a backup on your systems. Backing up from one system to another, or to a USB or Firewire external hard drive using DeltaCopy. If you are nuked, this won’t help. How important is YOUR data! Thanks to Scott Redmon for the new Christmas header! No Geek Culture this week… except for a little Weird Al and “What About the Pentiums!” The Doctor rocks out of the show!

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