Linux for…. Christians?

Ichthux LinuxOK, so there are tons of Linux distros out there, and they all have some “claim to fame,” but a Linux distro just for Christians? Okaaaay….

Ichthux: Linux for Christians

Here’s what the site says about the distro:

“Ichthux is an operating system aimed at Christian users. It is based on Kubuntu in order to provide the best desktop environment of the moment, together with Christian programs and settings.”

The current features of Ichthux Linux are:

  • based on Kubuntu 6.06.1 LTS “Dapper Drake”
  • bibletime with multi-language support, using Frank Ruehl rich Hebrew font
  • kio-sword for Bible study integration into Konqueror
  • several Bibles installed by default for English (KJV), Spanish (SPARV), French (LSG) and Hebrew (WLC)
  • Christian console tools: verse, bible-kjv
  • a Christian emoticons theme by default in Kopete
  • kdict with the Easton and Hitchcock Bible dictionaries
  • culmus Hebrew fonts
  • improved default settings for a better Christian experience of the computer desktop
  • I must say, interesting! There seems to be no end to the “Open-ness” and flexibility of Linux and Open Source. Creative folks in the Open Source community can meet any need with it. Very nice!

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