Hell Freezes Over! Microsoft Works With Linux!

Yike! That headline says it all!

Microsoft to Promote Linux: The Details

Steve Ballmer (of all people!) said in yesterday’s press conference: “Two things, I’ll make it real simple: Number one, [Novell and Microsoft] are going to work together technically to help the Windows world and the Linux world interoperate. Number two, we’ve struck a deal under which we can provide patent agreements to Linux customers, in which Microsoft’s intellectual property is respected, and we are appropriately compensated for the use of our intellectual property; and we’ve done both of those things in a way that we think still allows the open source development community to actively pursue what it has been doing on behalf of everybody for the last several years.”

Microsoft Windows Media Player 11

OK… you know your Doctor. I am NOT a big M$ fan. However, I gotta give M$ a few props. Microsoft Windows Media Player 11 has some nice features… oh, by the way, it is now officially out.

Microsoft Windows Media Player 11

It is a free download. It will upgrade your library and playlists from older versions. The default skin is cooler, but you can also download all kinds of other skins, visualizations, etc. So… OK… it is pretty cool. Worth a download!

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