The “Christmas Edition” of the Podcast!

Dr. Bill Podcast – 68 – (12/23/06)
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Our Christmas show! Candy canes and sugar plums, and other stuff! It’s Christmas Eve-Eve as we record the Podcast! Techpodcast promo… if it’s tech it is here! Geek Culture out the wazoo! Weird Al Yankovik’s “The Night that Santa Went Crazy!” Give Santa Christmas Pizza! Here’s the link to the flash video:

The Night Santa Went Crazy

Merry Christmas – Happy Holidays – Happy Hanukkah! Podcast number 68… it’s a number! Our URL: where you can get the podcasts back into antiquity. A friend of mine and his boss listened to ALL the podcasts! Wow! If you listen to them all your brain might explode! New features! The good stuff rises to the top! They now have “Podcasts” as a section on Digg. Digg the Doctor on Digg! Enjoy the Diggness! Get down with da ‘Doc! Microsoft Zune will now work with Microsoft Vista… and it only took a firmware update! You guys! 2.1 is out! Rock on! A new “Save the Internet” video! Sa-lute to the “Save the Internet!” folks! Here’s a link to the video:

Save the Internet!

Dr. Bill’s new project… to continue the DirCaster Project… and his reasons! The RSS (Really Simple Syndication) must be iTunes compliant! “Dir” for “directory” and “Caster” for broad”casting.” The nooks and crannies of the Internet have my current URL for my RSS feed. DirCaster is automatic! Badda Bing Badda Boom! Very cool! BUT… DirCaster appeared to be dead! What is a “GUID”? Check out the new DirCaster Website… and a sa-lute to Ryan King! Calling all PHP hackers! Help perfect DirCaster! Belinda will help me fix it! Two major points to fix: the “blank title” issue, and the “weird character” problem… like ampersands in the title. Streaming audio code and FTP upload tool that will be available soon! And another cool feature idea for DirCaster… the ability to limit the number of broadcasted files. 25 weeks for instance… half a year-ish in time! Belinda thinks I’m crazy to take on yet another project! Sigh! Hopefully Santa won’t go crazy at your house! The Doctor is out for this week!

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