My Son’s First YouTube Post

My son, Ben, is a “chip off the ol’ block” in that he, too, is a geek! I have been working with video technology to produce my podcast/netcast on Dr. Bill.TV, and he has been working on a game challenge for YouTube. Here’s his first post. He did it all himself (after the ol’ man introduced him to the software we use for editing the video.)

He “shot” (acquired?) the video by playing the game on a TV that has a built-in VCR. We then “ported” the VCR feed through a device from ADStech called “VideoXpress,” which I must say, I am pretty impressed with!

ADStech VideoXpress

He then edited it with Ulead’s VideoStudio:

Ulead VideoStudio 10 Plus

Pretty cool stuff! That’s my boy!

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