Move to 2.1 NOW!

If you have taken my advice and moved to OpenOffice… be sure to download and install the new version (V2.1) immediately! There is a serious security issue with earlier versions that has been patched in V2.1. Do yourself a favor… upgrade today!

Security Flaws Haunt PDF, OpenOffice Users

Adobe Reader Version 8.0 has a serious bug as well. But it has been patched, so if you do an update on it, you will be OK. Another option is to download and use the new, improved Foxit PDF Reader. I REALLY like the new version! Here’s that link:

Foxit Reader 2.0 for Windows

Amazon Founder’s Spacecraft Launch!

Check this out, you have to see this video from the BBC! Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos has funded the creation of a spacecraft to pioneer commercial space tourism. Here’s a launch of the new craft:

BBC Video of Goddard Spacecraft Launch

I like the way it takes off then come back down to settle safely on earth. This looks like the old science fiction shows method of landing a spacecraft! Cool!

An Update – The Million Dollar Home Page – Sold Out!

Million Dollar Home PageBack on the Dr. Bill Podcast number 2, I reported on the Million Dollar Home Page, where a guy was trying to “work his way through college” by selling a pixel on his web site page for a dollar each. I predicted that he wouldn’t do it because his “fifteen minutes of fame” would be up before he did it. Well, I was WRONG! He did sell out! So, he is now an Internet millionaire! Dewd!

The Million Dollar Home Page

Weird. Wish I had thought of it!

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