Podcast #76 – The “Drum Roll Edition!”

Dr. Bill Podcast – 76 – (02/17/07)
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No video netcast this week! Geek Culture from Weird Al! Why send all those e-mails about virus alerts?!? Just DON’T DO IT! A Techpodcast member promo! The Geek Software of the Week: AutoHotKey – a scripting utility for Windows! The Windows key… finally a use for it! A new CPU chip announced from Intel that is a teraflop in processing power! WOW! A teraflop = a terrified pancake?!?! Gamers need MORE POWER! Nostalgic for OLD TV? They are coming to YouTube. Ever thought about the term “bated breath?” The VLC Player and how cool it is! The Doctor plays with Xubuntu and enjoys VLC Player on it! The Doctor continues to answer questions from listeners… Puppy Linux, Vector Linux and how cool they are! Stick a pin in the Doctor’s Frappr map! The Open Source community thing! Answering a message from a guy in my church that is having a Word problem. The document.dot file. A funny e-mail from Phil about Microsoft cars! How the Doctor finds Geek Culture. Thanks for the clean language… can you make Juice Receiver “grab” only one type of file by extension? No… but a filter should be coming! Don’t use anyone else’s restore CD to fix your computer. Use Knoppix for data recovery. A weird podcast comes to a close!

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