DEWD! Weird Al as a Tech Guy!

Check it out! “Weird Al” Yankovik, from “Virus Alert” as a tech guy in a video game!

Weird Al is your new IT guy

“It’s hard to make this up. Really. Left Brain Games announced a new interactive game for PCs that features ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic as the star of Virus Alert 3D, in which IT employee Weird Al takes on viruses at Companytechco Inc., LLC. Users get to control Weird Al as he helps eliminate viruses, protects computers, unlocks secret doors and secures help through ‘drone like co-workers.’ A trial version, with 5 levels of gameplay, is available. You can buy the full game of 25 levels for $16.95. In addition, check out the very funny music video of ‘Virus Alert’ on YouTube. Who said IT people aren’t funny? If only our own IT group were as wacky as Weird Al. (Just kidding, guys!).”

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