Remember Star Trek: TNG’s “Surface Computers?”

You know… when Data would just tap on the flat console in front of him to control the Enterprise? Well, guess what? Microsoft has released a “surface computer” like that!

Microsoft unveils table computerStar Trek: BSOD

Microsoft has unveiled a new touch-sensitive coffee table-shaped computer called ‘Surface.’ Designed to do away with the need for a traditional mouse and keyboard, users can instead use their fingers to operate the computer. Also designed to interact with mobile phones placed on the surface, Microsoft says it will initially sell the unit to corporate customers. These will include hotels, casinos, phone stores and restaurants. So-called ‘multi-touch’ interfaces – which allow the user to move several fingers on a screen to manipulate data, rather than relying on a mouse and menus – have been making waves in tech circles for some time.”

Very cool! I want one! Then I can pretend to be on the Enterprise! Rock on! Though if it is made by Microsoft, it may be like Data in the image above!

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