Pluto Gets Revenge!

First they demoted Pluto from planet status. But now, a moon of Pluto MAY have liquid water below the surface!

‘Water on Pluto moon’

“As a planet, Pluto was a real dog. Now scientists say there may be something truly fishy about one the little world’s three known moons. Astronomers have announced they have evidence that, despite the bitterly cold conditions on the edge of the solar system, Pluto’s moon Charon may have an underground ocean of liquid water, triggering speculation it could harbor marine life. The water appears to be spewing up through cracks in the surface, producing spectacular geysers that instantly freeze, creating showers of ice. Using Hawaii’s giant Gemini Telescope, the astronomers found that the 1200 kilometer-wide moon is covered in patches of water crystals, and ammonia hydrates. The crystals appear fresh, suggesting ice geysers, or ice volcanoes, must be erupting every few hours or days. The observations point ‘consistently to cryo-volcanism, which brings liquid water to the surface, where it freezes into ice crystals,’ said Jason Cook, from Arizona State University. ‘That implies that Charon’s interior possesses liquid water.’ Radioactive materials could be melting Charon’s interior ice, producing the water.”

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