Warning! Be Careful What You Post… “The Man” May Come After You!

First let me say that this post is ALSO just my own harebrained opinion and does not necessarily represent reality! So… here’s the deal:

Today I have received a “cease and desist” official registered letter warning me to correct one of my old (circa 2005) blog posts. Please note, that at the time of the post (in 2005) I saw the letter in the post as an “interesting” Internet e-mail that was circulating at the time… as you can read in the post itself, I did not attest to it’s accuracy at all. I did say that as a CNHP I believe that butter is much healthier for you… and I stand by that… but, there are those that say that as a Natural Health guy, I am a loon anyway… so what do I know! The letter was from the “Margarine Protection Squad” (not their real name) … but an industry group… they referred me to the American Health Association and such (like that would impress a renegade natural health guy like me!) Anyways… here’s a link to Snopes statement “correcting” the letter that was circulating back then… which I did post here… only as a “isn’t this wild” view of computer circulated stuff… yeeesh! The things people get in an uproar about!

Link 1 – Snopes Correction

Link 2 – Break the Chain – Chain Letter Correction Site – Urban Legend “Debunking”

So, “A” this is not written by me… it is a flaky Internet e-mail I got and thought was interesting… and “B” I am a widdle ol’ computer nerd with a computer interest blog… anything I believe about butter vs. margarine is simply my personal opinion anyway! So, does “the man” get to control my opinion… well, since I don’t want any lawsuits, and I don’t personally care about the topic anyway… I DISAVOW ALL KNOWLEDGE AND THINK THAT THE LETTER THAT WAS CIRCULATED VIA E-MAIL WAS A CROCK! So there. I didn’t write it… I got it in a spam message… please don’t sue me… please??! OK??

Here’s a link to the original post:

Link to the “Evil” Margarine VS. Butter Post

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