Geek Software of the Week: CoffeeCup Free DHTML Menu Builder!

DHTML Menu BuilderA commercial company (CoffeeCup Software) giving away free software! Pretty cool. This is a Dynamic HTML Menu Builder application. Great for the “budding” Web Designer that wants to add cool, drop down menus to their sites!

CoffeeCup Free DHTML Menu Builder

“Create professional looking DHTML (Dynamic Hyper Text Markup Language) menus for your Web site, without writing a single line of code. (No HTML knowledge required.) You will make great looking professional DHTML menus for your Website in seconds flat ! Make professional looking drop down, or side-step, menus. You can completely customize the colors, fonts, borders, alignment, padding and much more. It’s so easy to make your DHTML Menu match the look and feel of your Website. And best of all, it’s FREE! DHTML Menu Builder is able to create both horizontal “top menu” and vertical “side menu” navigation systems. You can create multi-level, or tiered menus with great ease. The Menus work in all browsers and even support frames. Your DHTML menu is totally customizable. You can adjust fonts, colors, borders, padding, alignment, even adjust the arrows for the sub-menus. Lots of features and options puts you in full control of the layout and design. Using the DHTML Menu Builder is fast, easy, and fun. Plus, it’s FREE!

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