Support Miro and Feel Good About Open IPTV!

The Miro ProjectThe Miro Project is having a fund raiser! “Whoopie.”, you say. Well, I just contributed some of my hard earned cash to it. Why? Well, I support the idea of community driven “Open Source,” if you will, Internet TV! If you haven’t checked out the Miro IPTV player, go here:

Get Miro

If you are looking for shows and content go here:

The Miro Guide

And while you are at the Miro Guide, type in “Open Source” in the “Channel Search” bar, and scroll down the page! Look familiar? Yep, Dr. Bill.TV is on Miro! Join the IPTV revolution and spread the word about Miro!

And, if you want to contribute, as I did, click the link below!

Help Support Miro!

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