A Great, New Version of the VLC Player is Out!

Check it out! The VLC Player is my favorite audio/video player already, but the new version rocks even more!

VLC Audio/Video Player Web Site

Also, check out the new features in this version: New Features

“The 0.9 version of VLC media player adds a new interface module for Linux, Unix and Windows, a media library and an improved playlist, many new inputs and codecs support and many new audio and video filters. For video playback, new protocols, new codecs, new demuxers and many bug-fixes have been added to support more formats. For audio playback, cover art and metadata support (and editing) have been vastly enhanced. It can play audio when the playback speed is changed. For the developers, libVLC has been simplified and improved, many bindings for many languages were added and there is a new Mac OS X Framework. Scripts written in lua can expand VLC media player’s capabilities (read Youtube, Dailymotion URLs, fetch meta-data…)”

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