Twitter Had a Worm Attack, But Is Now Clear

A worm attacked 10s of thousands of Twitter users, but Twitter now says the network is clear.

Twitter all clear after worm wave

“Twitter has been given the all clear after a worm infected ‘tens of thousands of users’. But experts say the attack could have been much worse. Over the weekend, a self-replicating computer program, or worm, began to infect profiles on the social network. The worm was set up to promote a Twitter rival site, showing unwanted messages on infected user accounts. Michael Mooney, a 17-year-old US student, told the Associated Press he created the worm to promote his site. Mooney, who lives in Brooklyn, New York, said he wanted to expose vulnerabilities in Twitter. He told AP: ‘I really didn’t think it was going to get that much attention, but then I started to see all these stories about it and thought, ‘Oh, my God’.’ The worm worked by encouraging users to click on a link to the rival Twitter site, called Once the link was clicked, infected users themselves automatically began to send out messages to friends, promoting the site. No personal or sensitive information, such as passwords, was compromised in the attacks, according to Twitter, which has more than seven million users.”

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