“Novell is no more!”

Wow. Attachmate is buying up Novell. Check it out!

Attachmate agrees to purchase Novell

“November 22, 2010 — Novell is no more. Pending the approval of stockholders and government regulators, the computer networking giant will be sold to Attachmate—best known for systems security and application integration—for US$2.2 billion, or $6.10 per share.

In a statement announcing the purchase, Attachmate said it will operate Novell as two divisions: SUSE Linux, and the rest of Novell, which includes the ZENworks virtualization software and other networking solutions. Further, Novell entered into an agreement to sell some of its intellectual property assets to a Microsoft-organized consortium: CPTN Holdings, which will pay $450 million in cash.

Attachmate has not yet provided a vision for which Novell products would be integrated into Attachmate’s portfolio. The company is owned by private investors Francisco Partners, Golden Gate Capital and Thoma Bravo.”

Wow! This is pretty amazing! I’ve worked with Novell directly, or indirectly, for years and yet and I even knew that the day was coming when it would be gone… replaced by Microsoft and the Evil Empire. But that day is now here! Amazingly enough, you notice that Microsoft and the consortium they mention in this article is going to get to pick and choose elements of Novell’s technology for their use… so, this is amazing stuff!

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