The “Roku Review Edition” of Dr. Bill Netcast #167

Dr. Bill Netcast – 167 – (12/06/10)

Dr. Bill reviews the Roku XD|S box that he got for his 55th Birthday! He shows us the hardware, ports, features and an overview of the software, interface, and some special programming you will be VERY familiar with!

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  • Hi Dr. Bill,

    What kind of internet service do you have that gives you a 20MB download?

  • I live in High Point, and we use NorthState’s Flex (a high end DSL package)… if I lived closer in to town, I could get a 30 meg upload, 30 meg download package called Flex 30 for $69.99 per month! Awesome! Can’t wait until they get it out where I am (it is fiber-optic based.)

  • Nice. I’m in Greensboro and TWC’s announcement of another rate increase had me looking for alternatives. Here, it’s AT&T DSL at 6MB download, for half the price of TWC’s 7MB @$50.

  • i seen were you wanted to know how to move channels on your roku xds on home page roku sreen high light the one you want to move hit the star button on the remote it shows you there

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