“The Legend of Zelda” Turns 25!

Legend of ZeldaWow! My son, the Gamemaster, is 18… and now in college! He loves his games… and I can remember him going on about the Legend of Zelda games… hard to believe that they are older than he is!

The Legend of Zelda Turns 25

“On February 21, 1986 — exactly 25 years ago today — the very first copy of the game we know as The Legend of Zelda was sold in Japan, jump-starting an iconic franchise that has spawned various sequels, books, television shows, and a fan community larger than perhaps any other videogame series.

As many 1UP readers know, we’re really big on anniversaries and birthdays around here, and we’re even bigger on Zelda, so we’re celebrating Link’s 25th with not one, not two, but ten retrospective features looking back at the impact the series has had on our lives.”

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