Android Now Market-Leader in App Downloads!

Oh, yeah! I knew it wouldn’t be long! Now, Android is the “app-download king!”

Android Blows Past Apple To Take The Lead In Market Share For App Downloads

“According to fresh data from ABI Research, more Android apps were downloaded in Q2 2011 than iOS apps.

Makes sense since Android is a bigger platform, but we think this is a first for the rival mobile platforms.

The good news for Apple: It still gets more downloads per user than Android.

And, ABI says, ‘Appleā€™s superior monetization policies attracted good developers within its ranks, thus creating a better catalog of apps and customer experience.’

This is key for Apple. As Android grows and grows, the iOS platform is put at risk. If developers start flocking to Android with its greater user base — or if developers just built Android apps first — then Apple’s software advantage dissapears. For now, developers are still happier with iOS despite the smaller user base and smaller number of total downloads.”

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