Codeweavers Announces a New Wine-Based Web Browser with Active-X Support!

In the recent quarterly Codeweavers customer newsletter, they announced work that has begun on a new Wine-based, Active-X supporting, web browser!

“In addition, we are working on creating a new Wine-enabled Web browser that will be able to take the place of Internet Explorer. By mating Wine support for ActiveX controls with a new browser, users will be able to navigate to pages that were previously only accessible using IE. This browser is currently in early alpha development (translation: it’s ‘really’ ugly right at the moment) but is available for limited customer testing, (for those with a masochistic bent…)

Thanks For Your Support!

We appreciate the ongoing support our customers give us: you make everything we do with
Wine possible.”

Sounds good for folks that want to use Linux in a corporate environemnt, but might have web based applications that use Active-X! I look forward to testing it (when it is beyond Alpha testing!) ;-)

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