Amazon Music Cloud Licensed by All Music Labels

Amazon has gotten all the top labels to allow them to carry their music in it’s store, and support their system.

Amazon’s music cloud is licensed by all top labels

“Amazon’s cloud music service is fully licensed by the top-four record labels, numerous sources have told CNET.

The labels and Amazon aren’t talking, but my sources say Amazon is expected to roll out new features for the company’s cloud-music offering in the United States sometime in July.

We reported on Tuesday that Amazon had wrapped up cloud deals with Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and EMI, and was in negotiations with Warner Music Group. Information is coming in now that Warner Music Group was actually among the first to sign.

The ways in which the licenses will change Amazon’s Cloud Drive or Cloud Player are still unclear, but sources said one feature Amazon will likely offer is Scan and Match.

When Amazon launched its cloud music service last year, the retailer required users to upload each of their individual song files to the company’s servers. For people with a lot of music, this was a hassle. Amazon now has the rights to scan each user’s hard drive to see what songs they possess. Then the merchant can just give users to access to copies of the songs stored on Amazon’s library. They’re listening to the same song but not their own song files.

To distribute a song this way required a license because to do otherwise is a copyright violation, the labels have argued.”

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