DrBill.TV #248 – Video – “The More Stupid User Tricks Edition”

UNLIMITED cloud storage for $2.00 per month! Yahoo hacked, GSotW: WinMerge! More Stupid User Tricks, Digg bought for only a 1/2 million, the summer Steam sale, Dropbox doubles it’s Pro offerings, a Korean company’s tiny quad-core ARM Linux computer.

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Available on YouTube at: https://youtu.be/HwA0r2BzMkQ

Available on Vimeo at: https://vimeo.com/45767633


  • I have not been able to find the ad or link on your site for the Roku. I was using drbill.cc and changed to drbill.tv, to see if that was the problem. But, I still don’t find it as you say on your website. I watch your podcast weekly. I am using fedora17 and firefox 13.o.1.

    enjoy and have a great weekend and sunner

  • Dr Bill,

    I thought you should know that the audio on your podcasts lately is not as good as in the past. The quality is raspy and verges on distortion.

    I enjoy your show and look forward to it weekly.

    Best Regards,


  • Yep… had a few issues this week… it was worse on the Dr. Bill.TV show than on the VirtZine and Hand Held Hack shows, but I know what happened. Hopefully, my new mic that is coming in this week will fix it! Thanks for listening!

  • It is on the right side, scrolling down the page, and says, “25% Off the Roku”… but, here is the actual link:


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