Bitcasa is Da Bomb… and YOU Need It!

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This video is the TechCrunch “Disrupt” Conference, where Bitcasa founder, Tony Gauda, discussed what Bitcasa is, and how it works. I set this up over the holidays… and, it IS “da bomb!” You won’t understand how much you need this until you try it!

And, by the way, there are clients for: All Windows (including a new Windows 8 app), Linux, Android, (iOS [Apple, iPhone, iPad] is coming soon!) As the video says, the founder, Tony Gauda has a Linux laptop, personally, so you KNOW it works great on Linux!

Infinite Hard Drive
Keep every file you have ever owned in Bitcasa. Ditch the external hard drives, and store your files in your Bitcasa Infinite Drive to free up space on your computer and phone. Never run out of space again.

Access Anywhere
Everything you save in Bitcasa is available on any computer, phone, or tablet. Your music collection, photo albums, movies and videos, documents and files, are available anytime, anyplace.

Keep Your Data Safe
Bitcasa encrypts everything before you upload, safely ensuring only you can access it. We keep at least three copies of everything you store in Bitcasa in data centers 1,000 times more reliable than your PC. You can also rollback to previous versions and recover deleted files.

Share With Anyone
Whether sending hundreds of photos to your friends, an entire portfolio of work to a client, or your baby’s first steps to Grandma, Bitcasa makes sending any file or folder — no matter how large — instant and easy.

Easy to Use
Download the Bitcasa Infinite Drive, and use it just like any external hard drive. You’ll never have to worry about lugging USB cables and large hard drives around to access your stuff – now everything can be accessed from anywhere!

Keep Your Computer Synced
You can also elect to “mirror” all your computers to your Bitcasa Infinite Drive. Your files are automatically and continuously backed up and available anywhere. Everything is still available offline, and your changes will sync up when you are back online.

It is FREE for now, and then sometime next year, it will be $10.00 per month. Try it NOW!

BitCasa – The Infinite Hard Drive

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