Geek Website of the Week: Spoon.Net!


And, the GSotW as well! This is SO cool, that I did a demo for this week’s Dr. Bill.TV Show, it will be posted later today, check it out! This is VERY awesome! I gotta give them huge Geek Cred for this implementation. You can either sign up for the service from their web site, or, if you have a business, and want to host it on your own server, you can do that as well! Did I mention… Awesome!

Spoon.Net – Virtual Desktop System

No more installs.

Apps launch inside pre-configured virtual machines with no changes to your desktop.

Spoon Console
Access the Spoon Console directly from your desktop by pressing Alt + Win.

Universal Search Engine
Instantly find apps and files anywhere, even across multiple devices.

Browser Plugin
Spoon works through a small browser plugin. No administrative privileges are required.

Hundreds of Apps Online
Use hundreds of free applications online, or easily virtualize your own applications.

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