Is The Evil Empire of M$ really “Big Brother?”

Well, it IS Microsoft, after all!

A note from Modis:

Xbox One’s Most Disturbing Feature

The Xbox One’s Kinect sensor has a lot of disturbing ideas going for it if you ask the general public, but not if you ask Microsoft. It can track every move in your living room, and it plans to reward you with achievements for sitting through commercials. More ominously, the Kinect may be configured to track the viewing behaviors of multiple users. This means that Microsoft will be gathering data about everyone that uses your Kinect to watch television or movies, sending it back for analysis without your consent. They claim that the rewards for sitting through commercials will be avatar customization, digital gifts, or Xbox points, but are these ‘perks’ really worth the invasion of privacy the Kinect poses? Time will tell if these features make it into the final build of the Xbox One.”

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