Geek Software of the Week: Streamfile!

Have you ever wanted to email someone a file, but it was just too big to email? Well, now you can! With a free account from Streamfile, you can send up to 4 Gig files via a link and your friend, associate, etc. can download the file in a completely secure, encrypted method! Cool!

Choose Recipients & Upload Files

Our web interface makes it easy to share your files. Just click on Send a New Stream, add recipients, and select the file you want to send from your computer. Once you’ve picked out your file, you can add enhancements like custom messages, password protection, mobile notifications, and data center mirroring.

Share Your Files Via Email

We’ll deliver your files to the recipients you specified in a secure email. They’ll receive a notification that a file has been shared along with any messages you’ve included or options to enter a password. This keeps your files easy to share, but safe and sound on our servers.

Extra Features

In addition to secure file transfer between yourself and others, we also offer file tracking, API access, Glacier archiving, and custom upload sites (with custom URLs).

Professional and secure file transfers

Streamfile allows you to setup a custom, branded, password-protected space in the cloud where you can exchange files with clients securely.

Whether you need to send files too large to email, conduct an encrypted file transfer, or just require a space where project-related files can be accessed, Streamfile can help you.

File encryption

Streamfile helps you to easily distribute encrypted files without the need to install any 3rd party software. We support file encryption up to 1024-bit AES. Our private keys are distributed via SMS.

All communications with Streamfile and the user are encrypted using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL). This is the same functionality used by online banks and to transmit credit card details. Streamfile also offers the ability to store your files encrypted before they are uploaded to us, adding an additional layer of security.

Control and track every file activity

Streamfile provides you with an extensive audit trail. With our File Center you can check who has downloaded your files and when. You can also set a file expiration date or archive any files to never expire with AWS Glacier.

You can easily flag a Streamfile transfer to be replicated across AWS CloudFront network to maximise bandwidth access to a specific file set across the world.”

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