Geek Software of the Week (EXTRA): Virtual Drive Creator!

Virtual Drive CreatorMap a drive latter to any folder! Very cool FREE software!

Virtual Drive Creator

“What does Virtual Drive Creator(TM) do?”

Virtual Drive Creator lets you map any available drive letter on your computer to any folder on your drive with ease! Suppose you are working on a project where you have placed all of your files in a directory such as ‘C:\Users\Admin\My Documents\Projects\Acme Corp Acquisition\Drafts’. To access your files in Windows Explorer or any other application you need to traverse through the maze of folders to get there. Using Virtual Drive Creator, you can simply map an available drive letter (such as R) to the precise directory you are working in and you can access those files quickly and easily. The file ‘TimeLine.docx’ can then be opened in Microsoft Word simply by selecting the Open command, selecting the R drive and clicking on your document in the files list. Once you no longer need to keep the drive mapped to the folder, you simply remove the mapping using Virtual Drive Creator.

Special for CD-ROM users! This works great! Copy the contents of your CD to a folder on you hard drive, not the root. Create a virtual drive pointing to that folder. Install the CD using the virtual drive letter. And like magic you can run the CD from your hard drive. This work for about 70% of the CDs we’ve tested, it does not work for music CDs or Data CDs.”

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