Rockin’ the Bandwidth!

Northstate Plex Speed

DEWD! I now have 30 meg symmetrical at my house! Zowie! Rock on Internets! As the banner there says, “Faster than 88% of anyone” in the good ol’ US of A! I now have Northstate Plex fiber optic run all the way to my house. There is nothing sweeter to a geek than tons o’ bandwidth. What else do ya need?!

To take advantage of it, I got a new, rocking wireless router as well. Ton’s of neat features with it, including NAS-like file sharing. What a geeky day I had yesterday getting all this set up! (By the way, the bandwidth DID test out to be 30.4 down and 30.2 up tested directly from the port after it was set up at my house.) I am still performance tweaking the router to get that through it… but, I am pretty dog gone close! I am a happy man!

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