Why Microsoft is Extending Windows 7 Availability for Businesses

Microsoft has never been all that bright. However for a long time they been very arrogant. This is clearly demonstrated by what’s going on right now with Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8.x. Windows XP, as of right now, has about 30% of the market of all PCs that connect to the Internet.

That is an enviable position for any company to be in. However, as much money as Microsoft makes from Windows, and from having that big a market share, they continually shoot themselves in the foot.

Windows 7 was a good, high quality, version of Windows. In fact, I still use it at work! Then, Microsoft came out with Windows 8. There’s a lot of things I like about Windows 8. It is very stable, it is graphically, very fast due to combining DirectX technology directly into the operating system, however, it has a terrible, ugly, user interface.

None of Microsoft’s customers are embracing the interface. Well, there are a few suckers… er, I mean customers, that are supporting the interface. But I’m convinced that they mainly support it because they want to look “cool” and act like they’ve moved on into the future (and the rest of us haven’t.) But let’s be honest, this interface is pretty much useless unless you have a touchscreen!

Most businesses do not have computers that have touchscreens yet. And, they’re not likely to anytime soon! So, in the meantime, what are you supposed to do? Well, you and I know that we can download the open source Classicshell.net and fix the problem with Windows 8, and 8.1. However, if you’d be surprised how many people don’t know that Classicshell.net exists!

Plus, most businesses don’t want to use an Open Source utility just to fix the graphical user interface of an operating system that they paid a lot of money for when they purchase their PCs. I mean, think about it! You buy brand-new PCs without a touchscreen and you end up having to download a free utility developed by Open Source developers just to be able to effectively use your new computer! How completely stupid is that? How completely stupid is Microsoft? The answer, of course, is extremely stupid! And now because they no longer support Windows XP, or at least they won’t as of April of this year, they’re now alienating 30% of the Windows marketplace that have not yet upgraded! Smooth move, Microsoft!

And now, there are alternatives that most non-tech savvy users can actually learn to use very easily. The major example being Google Chrome on the Google Chromebook. And, Microsoft is watching aghast as the market share of chromebooks is increasing steadily while their market share is dropping precipitously. It doesn’t take a lightning fast mind to figure this out! But Microsoft has never been known for having a lightning fast mind!

So, what appears to be happening is that the market is realigning. Chromebooks are growing in popularity. People will be forced off Windows XP. Microsoft will die a slow and agonizing death. And of course, that suits me.

And now, in a burst of brilliance, Microsoft has decided to extend the length of time that businesses can buy Windows 7 because businesses don’t want to move to Windows 8, since the interface stinks.

Now, on the face of it, this may seem like a good move. After all, it slows the bleeding of their market to a certain extent. But, if they weren’t arrogantly insisting upon forcing everyone to an interface that nobody wants, then, perhaps, they could simply take the good things about Windows 8… add back in the interface that everybody actually wants to use to begin with, and have a winner in the operating system arena! That’s what would make the most sense. And that’s why I’m not holding my breath.

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