John Carmack Goes to Facebook!

John CarmackOkay, we have another weird Facebook story! As well is it’s crazy buying spree this week in which they bought Oculus Rift virtual-reality for $2 billion in cash and stock, Facebook also announced that they are hiring John Carmack as a Facebook employee. Now, you may not know right off hand who John Carmack is, but if I mentioned Doom, or Quake, what do you think of? If you’re like me, it takes you back to the early days of computer gaming on MS-DOS when, yes, that same John Carmack created these venerable games!

Carmack went to work for Oculus in late 2013, and he has agreed to go to work for Facebook now that they have purchased Oculus, and plan to develop virtual-reality games and applications. Carmack has long been a champion and supporter of virtual-reality games, which makes sense as an outgrowth of his first person shooter gaming development days.

However, you must admit, it’s been a very strange week for tech news!

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