A Viewer Takes the Doctor’s Advice!

This is a message from a viewer of the Netcast, that also goes to my church… check it out!

“Hi, Dr. Bill… just a FYI that I took your advice from your most recent computer show and converted an old XP PC we have over to Linux Mint. The hardest part for me was getting the .iso file on to a DVD… but, I found and downloaded a free program that helped me with that. I installed the ‘Cinnamon’ version and it works like a champ! This particular PC is the oldest one in the house and I have only been using it for searching for Praise and Worship music for the worship team, then formatting and printing it. This Linux version came with LibreOffice and Firefox for the browser… which all works great! Thanks for the tip and for helping us breathe some new life into an older (but still working) PC.”

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