A Geek Software of the Week Request from a Listener!

Here’s his email:

Greetings Benevolent Silicone Gray Beard Dewd,

How’s that for a suck up intro?

Hi, I’m Richard Craver from over in Clemmons NC. I’ve been listening to your netcasts for a few years now. I started playing with Linux in 1999 and made the mostly full switch about 10 years ago. I keep Windows around for doing my taxes….uck.

Back Story Begins Here

Anyway I have been using a couple external drives for my backup needs over the years, and my backup regimen consists of ‘Whenever I have a boring evening and think about it’, so not often enough.

What I have embarked to do it put a box in my shed in the backyard (I have to run power and CAT 5 or possibly wifi to beam data, setup an FTP server and send weekly backups ‘off-site’ as it were in the event the house burns. Each device in the house will have it’s own home folder.

For my wife’s Win 7 computer I propose to use Corbian to Zip and Encrypt the Documents and Downloads folder before sending incrementals to the shed. However for Linux I have yet to find a Automatible GUI tool to do such a thing.

My R&D box currently has a minimal install of Debian to which I have installed Webmin so I can access it remotely to manage files, manage ProFTP and SSH(next project). I did not encrypt home directories or filesystem because I want to run it headless, if it reboots for whatever reason I will have to log back in (?) to allow TrueCrypt to unlock.

Real Question Begin Here

Anyway, I tried Googling your GSOTWs and the series of pipes, but don’t seem to be finding a Corbian like linux app, do you have any suggestions? The features of Corbian I like are: Simple, Incremental ZIPs, Encrypted ZIPs, Schedule-able and of course, Free as in Coffee.

Then….I’ll address backing up my and my wife’s Android phones and tablets………….

Kindest Regards,


My answer:

Thanks for watching/listening! I like the intro to your message!

I mainly have set up rsync to backup from Windows to Linux, and from Linux to Linux:

A “big time” backup system (mainly for system admins) is Blacula, it is really full featured:

However, I think this may be the best choice for what you are doing… it is simple and easy:



I found this one, that I thought would be good because it is for Linux AND Windows, but I tried to install on Windows 7 64-Bit, and found it a pain to install… not saying it might not be worth it, but yeesh, what a pain!


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