NASA’s “Real Life” Warp Drive Ship Design

NASA FTL ShipSo, NASA showed us, this week, what a REAL Warp Drive FTL ship might look like, if they ever make one. The result, Geek Culture coolness!

NASA’S Latest Warp Drive Design Looks Very Familiar

From Star Trek – “Have you ever wondered what a real-life ship designed for faster-than-light travel might look like? Matthew Jefferies, legendary designer of Star Trek’s Enterprise, took a pre-Enterprise stab at it in 1965, but NASA engineer/physicist Dr. Harold ‘Sonny’ White recently joined forces with artist Mark Rademaker and longtime Star Trek graphic designer Michael Okuda to create a model — using genuine mathematics — of an updated version of such a ship. Oh, and guess what they called it?”

Yep… the Enterprise!

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